Friends and fans,

A couple of years ago, I parted ways with my producer and co-writer. I had spent two years with him, writing, recording, and working to build a fanbase for my music. We played shows, went to L.A. to meet with a record label executive, made connections with famous songwriters and artists, and so much more. Never did I think I was on the track to “fame” or that I would get a major recording contract. I set out to follow a dream and a passion that had been simmering under the surface for years. I’ve realized that when someone starts pursuing a music career, so many think that it’s a fame-seeking venture. I can’t tell you how many people have told me – “Don’t give up, you’ll make it to the top!” ” You’re going to be a star!” You deserve to get discovered!” Don’t get me wrong, those words are kind and come from a place of genuine care and support, but that was never my goal. In my twenties maybe, but not now. The internet and sites like My Space opened the doors for artists to share their music with the world without the support or push from a record label. Tons of artists you love and hear on the radio today got their start on My Space and Youtube. Not all artists made it to worldwide acclaim and radio, but have succeeded with a loyal fanbase and can proudly state that they’re making a living with their music. That’s where I am rooted. My goal and desire are to connect with YOU; to write songs that touch your heart and relate to your day to day life, your relationship struggles, and your deep longing for love and acceptance. Since parting ways with my former producer, I have grown and overcome so many internal struggles to bring you a new set of songs that are vulnerable, autobiographical, and infused with my heart and soul. I’ve spent two years writing, performing solo (which was a huge feat of anxiety for me), meeting other artists in my city, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, making amazing new friends, and working with new producers to craft my growing sound and style. I’ve written at least 25 songs! My goal is to release them in batches of 5 or 6 in the coming year. Evergreen is the first of this new music, and I hope you give it a chance! Right now this release is available on my website for digital download or physical cd (link below). On September 4th, you can stream it on your preferred service!

Thank you for going on this journey with me. I am eternally grateful for those who understand, see, and hear me and my vision.

Love and light,


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