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0007822416_20-510x382As an American Singer-Songwriter, Lana White, is making a unique impact with her soulful, Indie soft-rock sound. Fans describe her harmonies akin to the likes of The Eagles, and her soulful, charismatic voice resonant of artists such as Colbie Caillat, The Wreckers and Sheryl Crowe. Originally from the heart of Dixie Land, Alabama, her songs form a vision of heart felt drama and tug on the emotions of her listeners.

Her debut, self released album, Letting Go, is quickly catching the attention of her local fans, and is reaching beyond the local arena, spreading to new fans in nearby areas like Nashville, TN and as far away as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dave Anderson, from the hit band Brother Cane, from the mid-late Nineties not only produced her album, but also lent his musical talents, playing the instruments and helping with the artistic direction style of the songs.

2016 is shaping up to be a successful year for Lana as her album, Letting Go is selling and the word is spreading about her beautiful harmonies and unique style, garnering attention from fellow musicians and gaining new fans every day!